Knowledge Sharing!

By Claudine Moore

August/September 2013

Knowledge is power and sharing is caring, and CMM is dedicated to the economic development of Africa. With this in mind, when I was invited to provide executive facilitation and workshops to sub-Saharan executives from the National Nigerian Petroleum Corporation and Bank of Industry, Nigeria I was delighted to take part.

In August I delivered several presentations, and conducted interactive workshops to executives who flew from Nigeria to Maryland, USA. The sessions included presentations on ‘Global Economic Trends and PR Management’, ‘Crisis Communications Strategies’ as well as interactive sessions on Social Media.

In September executives flew in again this time from Nigeria to Dubai, United Arab Emirates where we all met up. I facilitated interactive workshops on measurement, internal reputation and social media alongside leading practitioners from the UK.

It was great to share knowledge, and network with executives from these key Nigerian organizations.

The overwhelming take away from the groups I taught was that they were very knowledgeable about regional and local sensibilities, and how to customize international strategies to suit their target markets. This makes them invaluable partners when working in the region. The executives were also enthusiastic to learn more about crisis communications in particular the need for transparency and accountability to be weaved into all crisis communication strategies.

On the other side of the spectrum, the executives still had not fully embraced social media strategies and their importance for all brands and organizations. Social Media was still viewed as a playful past time, suitable for specific consumer brands, but not suitable for governmental or corporate organizations.

A the end of our interactive social media sessions, which included case studies demonstrating tangible business results for a variety of organizations in the US, many executives were keen to begin the development of social media strategies for their own organizations.


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