Marketing Communications

The environment of the consumer is in constant transition. Consumers are now seeking input from their peers, as many share their opinions and position themselves as experts. Through experience and insight, CMM knows that the key to effectively reaching consumers is to influence the influencers. This is achieved by leveraging the loud and targeting the talkative with the right messages, and engaging them in relevant conversations.

We conduct thorough research both independently and in collaboration with our clients. The results of this research will be central to the marketing communications strategy that we deliver through both traditional and non-traditional marketing channels.

CMM has a finger on the pulse of popular culture, and has experienced working in fast-paced environments for both US and global clients. This combination allows us to create lasting, impactful and creative campaigns in alignment with the business objectives of your brand.

Our diverse expertise spans beauty, entertainment, lifestyle, healthcare, technology, travel and tourism in both the general and multicultural markets.