Multicultural Marketing

The influence, spending power, and relevance of ethnic communities continue to grow unabated. At CMM, we know that successful multicultural marketing begins with a clear and thorough understanding of your audience in order to allow your brand to communicate in an authentic way.

Our diversity team has a long and successful track record of providing a wide array of brands with creative and strategic multicultural marketing solutions both in the US and UK markets

Our client services include public affairs (Caribbean region), consumer marketing, corporate communications, consumer research, healthcare and advertising consulting within the African American, African Diaspora and Hispanic communities.

Whether it’s a one-time community event or a high-profile national or international campaign, CMM has the knowledge, experience and contacts to deliver impactful results.

Our expertise includes: celebrity seeding, multicultural public service announcements, community relations, international outreach to strategic multicultural markets, internal corporate communications, top-tier media strategy and execution.