CMM has experience working with global and international brands and leverages the best practices, resources, and network gained from this work to support US and Africa-focused start-ups.

We are passionate about working with start-ups, as we believe in supporting founders and entrepreneurs in building viable companies and brands.

While we work with start-ups from a cross-section of businesses and sectors, we are particularly keen to work with start-ups that focus on health, education, finance, agriculture, and sustainability. We also have a massive soft spot for female founders or teams that include a female-cofounder.

By working with the CMM start-up division, you will have access to top international expertise, a global network of fellow founders, entrepreneurs, and global investors.

Start-Up Organizations

The organization has to have been incorporated a maximum of 2 years ago prior to engagement with the agency.
The organization has to have an annual turnover of less then $150,000 per year (equivalent amount from your respective country).

Non-Profit Organizations

1)  The non-profit organization has to be a certified 501c(3) US organization (equivalent documentation from your respective country)  with an accessible board of directors.


The CMM Start-Up and Non-Profit division will support organizations by top CMM executives creating a customized strategy, and CMM account executives executing the actual campaign. This will allow start-ups and non-profit organizations to benefit from top award-winning international public relations expertise, enabling you to be truly competitive in the marketplace.

Every six weeks for the duration of the campaign, each start-up and non-profit organization will be invited to partake in a complimentary one-hour conference call. This call will be to discuss their campaign, and strategize around public relations and business development initiatives challenges.