Founder Claudine Moore, delivers keynote speech in Nigeria.

October 2011

We were delighted when the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR) invited CMM founder Claudine Moore to deliver the keynote speech for their 22nd Annual General Meeting earlier this month.

The conference explored how public relations can best be used to galvanize the Nigerian public towards the achievement of national targets and objectives. As the US is globally seen as being at the forefront of PR initiatives, strategies and best practices, the NIPR wanted to connect with an established US PR expert to deliver their keynote speech.

The event sponsored by Arik Air was held in Lagos, Nigeria biggest commercial city and Claudine delivered her keynote presentation to a packed house.

The top recommendations Claudine made for the Nigerian market was to leverage the following international communication principles:

MOVE WITH THE TIMES – Utilize all communication media

UNDERSTAND YOUR AUDIENCE – Understand our constituents and adopt a strategic approach leveraging Nigeria’s multichannel landscape.

TRANSPARENCY – Leverage this core value behind the 2011 Nigerian Freedom of Information Bill

EXPEDIENCY – Be swift to communicate

OMNIPRESENT – Monitor…Listen and adopt

A special recommendation was for all organizations to develop an effective and actionable ‘badvocacy policy’ to strategically handle both national and international negative news stories.