Going To Africa: 3 Steps to Transition your Business and Successfully Penetrate The Market

It’s no secret: Africa is a continent that is being touted by experts, residents, and media alike as a more-than-emerging, enterprise gold mine.

Though the challenges of infrastructure, corruption, and terrorism are still present, taking on lucrative ventures is not such a far-fetched idea, especially for black entrepreneurs and professionals.

Political leaders, celebrities, and businessmen have embraced relations with African countries, returned to live there, and even supported legislation and initiatives to support African Americans to “return.” In Ghana alone, there are more than 3,000 African Americans who have resettled, and as corporations invest in infrastructure, education, and talent acquisition efforts for a global and diverse workforce, the chance to work there is becoming more and more abundant.

Claudine Moore, an award-winning public relations professional and founder of C. Moore Media, is one American whose love for the continent was strengthened after a 2009 visit to South Africa.

“I completely fell in love. I thought that since I’d started my own firm, I’d merge my passion for Africa with my business, and I began to focus more on getting clients based on the continent while continuing my work with U.S. clients as well.”

Moore’s client list has grown to include Arik Airlines and multi-millionaire philanthropy and business powerhouse, Tony Elumelu. She now has several bases for her company, including New York, London, and Lagos, Nigeria.

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