Meet The 25 African Founders Entering The Future Is Female PR Mentorship Program

Spend just a few moments scrolling through certain corners of Twitter and you’ll see someone asking why a platform that brought them customers, partners, or investors should be free. Or talk to a woman whose business was covered by Forbes or a young activist who makes the 30 Under 30 list and ask them what opportunities it brought.

In today’s age of self-promotion and online noise, Public Relations, or PR, is a critical skill. It can be the difference between a business failing and becoming a household name. For some people, promoting themselves in public is easy, but for most, it needs to be learned. That’s where the Future is Female Mentorship Program comes in. The program, run by C. Moore Media International Public Relations (CMM), is for African female founders of tech companies. “As a Black female founder myself, I understand the challenges Black and African female founders and entrepreneurs.. Read more