We Stand with the Young People of Nigeria

As a team, we have heavy hearts and a deep sense of horror and concern regarding the killing of unarmed young people at the Lekki Toll Gate, in Lagos.

The CMM Team are shocked that the Nigerian Government, which is supposed to protect its citizens, is killing them while they peacefully protest, against police brutality. This attack on democracy, blatant human rights abuse and flagrant disregard for human life are sickening and alarming.

As an agency that has operated in African markets for over a decade, we have a special relationship (and love) with and for Nigeria, and the current atrocities in the country leave us cold. Nigeria has a vibrant youth population, which is one of the countries most prized assets to be preserved, not killed. Young people are not just the future of Nigeria; they are Nigeria today. No rational or progressive government would decimate its youth population because they are asking for social justice.

With most of our clients from Nigeria and our Africa Regional Lead operating from Lagos, we can attest to the progressive spirit of the Nigerian youth – one that should be harnessed. Since 2012, we have been dedicated to empowering young Nigerians by sharing knowledge via master classes, one-on-one advisory sessions and more recently mentorship programs. To think that it is the same vibrant, intelligent, and hardworking young people that are killed for demanding better, hurts us deeply. This is very personal.

We stand in solidarity with young Nigerians, in demanding an end to police brutality and social injustice. We will continue to lend our support by telling the African and indeed, Nigeria story; sharing the incredible stories of Nigerian and African brands, leaders, organizations and startups/entrepreneurs, alongside the incredible people.

We call on well-meaning individuals and especially, African leaders to lend their voice and speak up against the systemic abuse of the rights of young Nigerians to demand better from their leaders.

#EndPoliceBrutality #ENDSARS #StopTheKilling