African Markets

The continent of Africa is an economic powerhouse with a host of lucrative opportunities. The continent is currently an attractive hub for foreign investors due to a variety of economic, political and social reforms that have taken place. This has resulted in a more efficient business environment ripe for foreign direct investment.  In addition, there is widespread development of the social and physical infrastructure, coupled with a growing pool of well-educated enterprising workers and executives across the continent.

There is also a significant boost in the spending power of Africans. The African Development Bank, recently announced that Africa’s middle class is now comprised of over 300 million people and analysts from the McKinsey Global Institute estimate that general consumer spending across the continent will exceed $1 trillion mark in 2013.

The above presents a host of opportunities for international and African organizations, and CMM has the experience, expertise and network to help.

We work with companies ranging from small entrepreneurs to multinational organizations and agencies across multiple industries that see an opportunity for their services, products or events in the African market. In addition, CMM is passionate about aiding African organizations in raising their global visibility and/or preparing for inward investment.

International Public Relations

As an agency, we stand on the thought leadership platform that international public relations can raise the global reputation of Africa and ultimately aid development.

We have held forum’s on this subject in key African markets West African Markets [insert pic of flyer]
and founder Claudine Moore has written numerous articles on this subject for leading industry media outlets such as PR Week and

The public relations services we offer US organizations we also offer to African organizations as they seek to raise their international visibility.

These global public relations services include:

  • Business-to Business communications
  • Corporate Communications
  • Media Relations
  • Internet and Social Media Marketing
  • Marketing Communications
  • Events
  • Crisis Management
  • Message Development
  • Training
  • Sponsorship

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African Market Entry and Inward Investment Initiatives

Despite some challenges that still exist across the continent, its potential for growth is too large for U.S. and global companies to ignore. CMM has the unique ability to provide customized market entry events combining any of the following market entry services:

  • Topline Market Overview
  • Market Research
  • Market Introductions
  • Market Events/Missions

Topline Market Overview

A topline market overview offers organizations the opportunity to obtain an overview of a market and specific industry. This customized report will provide the client with topline information and insights upon which a decision can be made to enter the marketplace and action next steps.

Market Research

Market research is customized information connecting your business with targeted opportunities. At CMM we offer the following insights:

  • feasibility studies
  • competitor analysis
  • funding opportunites
  • distribution channels
  • specific information on niche markets

Market Introductions

At CMM we are proud to own a vast network, resources and knowledge in key African markets, and we are able to introduce organizations to potential future business partners. Our services include customized business meetings for companies and organizations on individual visits or corporate missions.

CMM will assist with sourcing potential business partners such as:

  • joint venture partners
  • importers
  • investors
  • Non Governmental Organizations (NGO’s)
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Event partners

Market Events/Missions

  • Industry Events
  • Company Events
  • Fact Finding Events

Industry Events

CMM facilitates industry wide events in target African markets across a variety of sectors in collaboration with our carefully selected local partners. Our events offer organizations, and companies the chance to explore relevant opportunities. Through customized events consisting of a combination of market introductions (see above), informative seminars, and networking events, organizations are given the opportunity to action their African development ambitions.

Company Events

CMM provides companies and organizations customized market entry events. A specific program will be created to investigate and/or launch opportunities in the marketplace.

Market introductions (see above), and on the ground market entry events will be organized ensuring you are connected to relevant and quality business partners or target audiences.

Fact Finding Events

We understand that when your company or organization is launching a product or business, you require smart and informed insights to assist in the decision making process.

A fact-finding event will include local visits to specific industry initiatives, meetings and introductions with relevant member of the business community, industry specific seminars, presentations and networking events and dinners.

The Fact finding events that CMM facilitates provide the specific information your organizations needs to decide on next steps and the rollout of your ideas.

Please note transportation, accommodation, entertainment dinners and security can also be arranged.

Investment Preparation

As the world’s looks to the African continent for investment opportunities, African brands need to prepare their ‘brand story’ to ensure international organizations understand your brand, and invest in your organizations at the right level.

At CMM we provide a full range of services that help your organization resonate with international investors raising the understanding, appeal and value of your brand.

These services include:

  • Corporate asset inventory analysis
  • Message building
  • Website development
  • Marketing
  • Corporate branding

African Diaspora Marketing

The African Diaspora community continues to grow dramatically, and is now a robust and influential group in both the US and UK. In 2012 the US Bureau of Statistics announced that Nigerians are the most educated immigrant community in the United States. This educational attainment creates vast opportunities, higher income potential and increased power and influence in their US communities, as well as their communities on the continent.

At CMM we understand and recognize the importance of the unique African Disapora groups in key global markets such as the US and UK. We have in-depth knowledge of these markets, and know how to connect with them in an authentic way that will enable your brand and/organization to create awareness and long lasting relationships.

Our areas of focus include:

  • Public Relations
  • Non-profit/Philanthropy
  • Media Relations
  • Grassroots Community Outreach
  • Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Issues & Reputation Management
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Public Affairs